Blessings After A Storm

Good morning,

We have made it thru another week and into the weekend.  As I sit here on my porch on this Saturday morning my mind reflects to the rain and storms we had the past few days.  We started out the week with such beautiful weather and then came the rain and storms.  The terentous rains we had on Thursday were crazy and last night the wind with the rain was unreal.


It made me reflect on our lives. Everthing seems to be going great and then the storms hit.  An unexpected storm that shakes our lives for a good bit.  A storm that nearly makes us unsteady on our feet and leaves us asking “why.”  We all have had them.  We all have been blind sided by something or someone that hurt to the very core of our being.  Maybe it was a friend, co-worker or a family member.  It leaves a sting that is hard to overcome and in ourself we can’t.

But….We have a maker who knows everything about us.

He knows our name.

He knows our every thought.

He knows each tear we’ve cried and hears us when we call.

I am so thankful in a world that we live today he can know us and hear us and help us.

Last night after the storm passed Phil and I sat outside and got some pictures of the beautiful sky.  20170707_205918

Showing what our wonderful God can do in our lives.  The storms may leave scars and bad memories but after the rain and the storms in our life are over he can make something beautiful out of it.   I have been trying to learn this song and thought I would share it with you. This group does an awesome job on it.   I love my gospel music and God’s word. They speak to me.

Soon the bright day will arise and you will look back at this storm and give God praise for how he has helped you and carried you thru it.


Always keep him in close view!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,





2 thoughts on “Blessings After A Storm

  1. Those were some powerful words! Sitting here getting ready to leave work with tears of joy in my eyes as I read this. Very encouraging words! The battle belongs to Him. No matter how big or how small the hurt is He is always there to lift us up. Thankful for is Grace.


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