Dressed Beyond Measures

Good morning,

I am hoping you had a wonderful 4th of July celebrating the freedom we have in our wonderful country.   Many people have fought and some have given their lives so that we can live in the land of the free.  I am so thankful today for our freedom to worship but especially thankful for my freedom from sin thru the salvation plan of Christ.

Our family had a very blessed weekend. We spent a lot of family time and enjoyed sitting around the house watching the fireworks.  We also had a wonderful time singing at our home church Sunday evening.  It is hard to get all of us together with our work schedules and some of the family attending a different church.  To me that was an extra special blessing.

I took a quick trip to my favorite store (Catos) on Saturday and picked up a few clearance items.  Today I am going to share 2 of them.  20170702_180603

This shirt is so cute.  I love the way it lets you take a peek at the shoulders. I paid $9.99 and it’s Phils favorite color    (that =  + +)


I always like to check out the clearance jewelry while I am there and I found this jewel for $2.99.   Since black is my favorite color I will wear this alot.

I paired the new shirt with a black skirt and some black shoes I bought ages ago.



You can take alot of things and pair them with different pieces to make it seem you have a large wardrobe.    I keep my closet color coded which makes it easy to match things together.


It has been 3 months since I started this blog and when i started I thought I will never be able to have that much to write about.  Every week I ask the Lord to help me to know what to blog and he always brings a thought to my mind.

I will say I have become quite the phone photographer.  I snap alot more pictures of unusual things just in case I may use them on a future blog.

Today I want to give some thanks…

Thanks so much to my sweet husband for always being willing to drop what he is doing and take a few snapshots of me.  He has been an awesome support as well as my family and that makes me happy.

Thanks so much to all of you who take time out of your busy day to read my posts and leave me a message.  I read all of them and they make me smile.

Thanks so much to God for giving me such a blessed life that I can share with others.


Praying that you have a wonderful day blessed by our almighty God.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,




4 thoughts on “Dressed Beyond Measures

  1. My dear friend you always look so pretty !! I’ve enjoyed all your blogs God is so faithful and so thankful for our friendship 😊
    Have a blessed day my friend !!


  2. Cindy I love the outfit. How did you color coat your closet? By colors, skirts, tops ect. I do enjoy the blog. Thanking Gid for you. Your sure a blessing to us. Have a good rest of the week.


    1. I have all my skirts, pants and shirts together but have the tops organized by color. This helps to be able to grab a color easily and if it doesn’t look good. Get another color.
      So glad you are enjoying the blog.
      Love you


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