Keep Shining

Good morning,

☆Another beautiful day our God has blessed us with.  I was able to get out of bed, get dressed, make myself some coffee and grab his word.  To me those are all blessings.

☆This past Sunday Phil preached at our home church and we were blessed to have our parents in church and join us for lunch.  We made a scrumptious meal and these yummy potatoes that I thought you may want to put on your table soon.

I made the recipe up myself and call them…

●●●”Loaded Potatoes”●●●

Step 1:

●Wash your potatoes and slice into a microwavable container.


Step 2:

●Add 4oz of French onion dip and

Mix all together.


Step 3:

●Top with Bacon Bits and salt and pepper to taste.


Step 4:

●Cover with Saran Wrap and microwave in 5 minute intervals until potatoes are almost done. (Usually around 15 min)

Step 5:

●Top with cheese and a few dollops of onion dip.  Microwave 3 minutes to let cheese melt.


☆The most important thing about life is who you spend it with.

Thanks so much for spending a few minutes with me!


Keep letting your light shine for Christ.  ●Others need to see it and believe it●

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



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