I Love A Clean Home


Good evening,

I can’t believe we are already almost half way thru May.  Time flies when you are having fun.  I love this time of year when everything is blooming and there’s a freshness in the air.   Raising up the windows and listening to the birds sing is music to my ears.  What a beautiful creation God has made.

Since spring is in the air I figured I would focus on cleaning house.  I know it may sound strange but I enjoy cleaning house. Better yet I love the feeling and smell of the outcome of  a clean home.  I wanted to focus on some things I do that make cleaning house a bit more enjoyable.

  • Turn on music that you love.          (I am a fan of Southern Gospel)
  • Gather all of your supplies in a bucket that you can carry from room to room. (Include gloves, paper towels, bags, cleaning chemicals and toilet bowl cleaners) This makes it so much easier.  You can clean windows/mirrors, dump trash, clean toilets and add toilet bowl cleaners all in 1 stop.
  • Try to count your blessings as you clean and give thanks for what you have.   (Hebrews 13:5)
  • Don’t let your house get out of hand before you clean. (Pick up daily)


Trust me there are days when I don’t want to clean house but 90% of the time I love it!!!  Having a mindset of gratefulness changes your aspect of cleaning house as well as doing laundry.  After the scare we had with Phil a few years ago I count it a privilege to do his laundry and my children and grandchildren’s as well.  I look at it as a blessing not a burden.  God will turn your chores into a blessing instead of a burden as well if you only ask.  A bible verse I cling to a lot anymore is Luke 11:9-10.  “We have not because we ask not.” He is ready to give you what you need even if it’s a desire to clean house all you have to do is ask.



  • Roll your sleeves up
  • Pin your hair up
  • Get up and…
  • Get to cleaning 🙂


How do you clean your house?

**Leave us some tips on what you do to make cleaning your house a breeze**




Here’s hoping you have a blessed week with a desire to do some spring cleaning.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



2 thoughts on “I Love A Clean Home

  1. Reading your post about cleaning your house and not letting it get out of hand made me think this what we need to do Spiritually. We need to keep our Spiritual house clean and not let it get out of hand either. You made me think and sometimes that can be dangerous. Just wanted to share that you encouraged me tonight.

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