Blessed Date Night


Good Evening,

I hope you all had a wonderful week.  It has been rainy and cold in the Ohio Valley.  Today is the prettiest day of the week and my day off which makes me smile.

We woke up and decided to go to breakfast and hit some yard sales. Elijah even went with us.  ( I think mostly for the food)   We didn’t find much at the yard sales but did get to stop by the Amish and buy an Amish donut. (SCORE)  Amish Donuts and Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cheesecake is one of the most amazing things this side of heaven. (At least I think so)

We then went home and went thru some boxes in the basement.  I hate to admit it but we have been in our new home almost a year and still haven’t unpacked everything.  We had 2 more additions to our family last year and when the grandbabies come over Memaw plays, the boxes can wait.  Besides that I haven’t decided on how I want all of my walls to be decorated.  This is a slow process for me.  I have to think it thru before I can complete it.

It’s date night at our house.  Phil and I love date night, time to reflect on our marriage and many blessings. (We even got to drive the Corvette)


We play songs from when we was dating and stand in awe of how far our marriage has come thru Christ. We always get on the topic of our children and grand children and talk about how they have made us so proud. (Even their spouse choices please our hearts)  We are one big Happy Family!!!

He even let me stop at one of my favorite stores…



Well I better go for now.  Got to prepare for Sunday Dinner after Church tomorrow and the Lord’s day. 🙂


I hope your weekend is blessed,

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



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