Screenshot_2017-04-08-12-50-27Hello to all of you,

Hope today finds you with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

In todays blog I am gonna focus on marriage. Since this is the start of my blogging days I figured it would be a great time to tell you the story of how Phil and I met and where our love story began:

In 1978 a good friend of Phil’s family brought them to Rudd’s Christmas Farm (this was owned and operated by my family) to see the display.  Almost every year after that Phil’s parents would bring him to the display and sometimes would bring him to a camp we took care of in Lebanon, Ohio in the summer to visit.   We would ride bikes together and have acorn fights.  I thought he was so cute.  He didn’t even notice me at this time and continued not to notice me until I was 16.  There was always a special place in my heart for this cute little boy.  In December 1986 he asked me on a date.  Wow the day had finally come.  We started dating and almost 31 years later we continue to love each other more and more each day.

Don’t think it’s all been a fairy tale we had some rough times in the beginning of our marriage but thru prayer and God’s grace we have a God given love that I feel is rare in the world we live today.

Marriage takes work by both the husband and wife.  I have heard some say it takes 50/50.  I say it takes lots of prayer with Christ in the center and way more than 50/50 to keep the flame still burning.  It’s like a garden if you don’t plant, cultivate, water and put things into it, it will never grow.

So keep cultivating you marriage.  What you put into it is what you’ll get out. May your marriage flourish as ours has.

(If you haven’t taken the marriage leap yet.  Keep praying and he will send you the right one.  It will be worth the wait!)

~~ What therefore God hath joined.        together, Let no man put asunder. ~~                             Mark 10:9


We have been blessed to spend a few days in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the Grand Run.  You will find out that Phil loves old cars, me not as much but as i said in marriage we give and take.

I did get some time to shop which I absolutely LOVE to do, and I got some Krispy Kreme donuts which always make me happy. 🙂

The snowcapped views of the mountains were breathtaking.  How refreshing to look at God’s beauty all while spending time with the ones you love.

I am hoping you had a wonderful weekend as well.  If you see someone without a smile today, give them yours.

I Continue to be….

“Blessed Beyond Measures”



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