August Celebrations

It has been a wonderful August at our house. August is always very busy for us. We start back to full time work at school, enjoy many birthday celebrations and do some school shopping. In this post I will share a little of the shopping days.

We have 3 grand babies who are attending school where I work this year. That in itself is a blessing for Memaw. I get to be there and give them the hugs and smiles they need to get them through the day.

I was blessed to be able to take each of them shopping for a few outfits before their first day of school. I had a blast. (They drew numbers to see the order in which I would take them.)

1st was Eden Rose. She loved everything about
modeling for Memaw!
2nd was Addelynn Grayce. She don’t show her excitement very much but enjoyed trying on her clothes!
3rd was Mister Beckett. He couldn’t wait to get those clothes off and acted a bit embarrassed but smiled while doing it. 😂

We finished off the wonderful days by getting lunch. Eden chose to eat at Applebee’s, Addelynn chose Larosa’s and Beckett loved a restaurant he had never been to, Quaker Steak and Lube.

These are memories I will always cherish.

I am truly Blessed Beyond Measures,


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