Good afternoon,

Today I feel that God has put on my heart to talk about something that many people deal with but don’t talk about … Depression!

Some may know, others may not know that depression was a terrible illness for me many years ago. I had no reason to be depressed. I had all my needs met. I had a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful children, an awesome family, a church family and most importantly GOD.

Why would someone who had all of that, went to church regularly and was actively involved in singing for Christ and leading the youth would be depressed?

I hid it. Many didn’t know that I dealt with a battle in my mind that was created by satan on a daily basis.

We had a lovely home yet I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to go somewhere by myself, knowing if I was there alone I would feel worse. Phil didn’t know what to do to help me and we would have many arguments over my depression. He would say you have everything why are you acting this way? Then I would cry because I felt so guilty for feeling and acting the way I did. It was complete distress.

It was affecting me, our children and our marriage.

I prayed, we prayed and the Lord came through and delivered me from depression. Was it instant? No. It took a long time but I kept singing, reading God’s word and praying. Thankfully he answered our prayers. Thankfully our marriage was saved and I still praise Jesus for this today and thank my husband for not giving up on me.

If you are reading this today and deal with depression I want to encourage you.

  • Keep praying
  • Keep singing
  • Keep reading God’s word
  • Keep looking to Jesus -He is the only one that can help you through this awful sickness.

If you are reading this and are living with someone who is. Dealing with depression hang in there. When they say they want to be alone, hug them tighter, let them know you are there to help them. Pray for them, love them more. It’s hard but they need you now more than ever.

If you are reading this and don’t deal with depression or live with someone who is…Please, Pray for those who are!!! 🙏🙏🙏

The devil is trying to destroy our country, our churches and our homes. Don’t let him win. Had he won with me I wouldn’t have this picture below. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

I am truly…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


2 thoughts on “Depression

  1. WOW!!! I had no clue. I thank God he had your back. I think we all have some depression in our life that we fight every day. and wear a mask to hide it. I know Chris and I have gone through it for many years. Love you sweet sister.

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