A Cardboard Box

Boxes are just so plain. Boxes come in many sizes. But the other day we got a box that helped us make so many memories.

It was a big box. Just a big plain box. I started to break it up an take it to the recycling bin. Then I got the best idea…make a play house out of it.

I brought it in the house and Phil helped me fix it for the grand babies. “We named it “The Cousins Hut.” We added an inside light, a window flower box, lights by the front door and a rock chimney.

Then the grand babies came. That brought life to the inside of this plain box. We made a Christmas Tree that they decorated with markers and stickers.

Pictures they drew on the walls and a rug for the floor.

The best thing that was added was the grand babies and the laughter. They had a blast, even the little ones. I loved watching them so much. We had a snack inside “The Cousins Hut” and even used it for a puppet show.

They played with this free box for almost an hour and loved it.

Money definitely doesn’t buy happiness. These babies couldn’t have been more happy with a $300.00 play house and I couldn’t have been happier watching them.

I continue to be…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


One thought on “A Cardboard Box

  1. Boxes were always so fun to play in when I was a kid.. I’m so glad you are carrying on that tradition with your grandkids. They look to be having a blast.

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