God Is In The Storm

Phil and I were blessed to spend a few days in Georgia and Hilton Head to visit with our Son Elijah and his wife Claire. The Army is a bit stingy with him but we are thankful for anytime we spend with him.

As I sat and watched the ocean I thought about how the waves and tides come in and go out in our Lifes.

We all are in the current storm together but We are going thru it differently.

🚢 Some are riding in a big boat: *They still have their job. *They have no parents in the nursing home *They don’t have health issues that give them concern about the virus.

🛶 Some are riding in a canoe that they feel is taking on water: *They haven’t seen their parents for months, *They have lost their jobs, *They are worried about having health insurance. *They don’t know financially if they can make their bills.

No matter what boat you are in God is in the storm with you. Even though you feel like the tide is high and will never go down.

As I sat an watched the ocean this week it reminded me that thru everything God has it in his control. He knew all this would happen before it happened. Rest assured the master of the storm is riding with you in your 🚢 ship or your 🛶 canoe.

We don’t know the load each person is carrying. I have carried heavy loads before and many people didn’t even know. Just because you smile doesn’t mean you don’t have a heavy load.

I encourage you to do what I have tried to do because I definitely don’t want to hurt anyone or cause the virus to spread from me not helping. (Maybe this is the nurse that has come out in me.)






I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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One thought on “God Is In The Storm

  1. Thanks Cindy I needed this reminder. We are so Blessed but I feel so sorry for those that have so many problem and don’t have God to lean on.❤❤


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