Decorating Tips

Good Evening,

I can’t believe January is nearly gone. The time has been flying right by.  I hope your year has started off to a wonderful start.  I have been trying to do some more decorating and have so many little projects I want to get completed.  I am hoping to get some things ready for the blog.

Today I wanted to throw a quick inexpensive decorating tip out there.   In our living room we have a brown sectional with a brown ottoman.  It was looking bland and I wanted to give it some life.  I added 2 white pillows, hung a white throw over the ottoman and placed a basket on top with magazines in it.  (Of course the magazines are “The Country Sampler” one of my favorite magazines.) I think adding these small touches gives a cozy touch to my living room.

Let me know what you think…


I pray you have a blessed week.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


One thought on “Decorating Tips

  1. Looks great! The pillows are a good contrast and break up the dark sofa. They also force your eye up, because they compliment the light walls and art.

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