Important Things

Good Morning,

The devil has thrown a little curve in the beginning of our 2018 with some sickness.  So forgive me for not blogging as much.  But I choose to praise God through the storm. He has never let us down and I don’t expect him to now.  II Corinthians 4  talks about how Paul was pressured.  Through pressure comes praise.  The fire refines gold.  May this bring me to giving more praise to Christ and becoming more pure in heart to love others as Christ does,   Everything happens for a reason.  I hope your 2018 has started with wonderful steps to becoming a better person.  Maybe even helping others but better yet, drawing closer to our creator.


We are back to the snow, ice and frigid temperatures in our part of the world.  Some people hate this kind of weather and I will say it gets to my bones a bit more than it use to,  but I love the time when we can sit back and relax with a warm blanket, family and games.  Sometimes we get so busy that we don’t take enough time for the small things,  So today I want to thank God for this weather and the closeness of my family.  I have thoroughly enjoyed spending more time together.

We plugged up our WII system and have gotten to have golf, bowling and racing competitions.  A few of our family are Pros at this.  Me not so much a pro, but I enjoy trying to be one.  Even Miss Addelynn who is 3 does a wonderful job at bowling.


Due to the weather our church didn’t have church last night.  Miss Addie loves her Wednesday night class and wanted to go.  So Memaw suggested let’s have church at our house.  She beamed with joy at this suggestion.  As I gathered things together she was so excited.  We gathered Mister Beckett, Brittany, Uncle Eli and Pap around the table for a lesson on “Prayer.”  (This was pretty fitting due to us needing more of it at our home lately.)  I was so blessed to see Beckett put his little 18 month old hands together to pray.  Miss Addelynn gave so many things she prayed about and thanked God for.  We made a prayer bag and put things to pray about in it.  Doing this took my mind back to when my babies were little and we would gather and read our bible stories nightly and pray.  These lessons are ones they will never forget.  As I picked up the bible story book that we read years ago with our kids they could remember reading from it.  (Over 20 years ago)  We sure did miss Miss Eden not being with us…

So I thought why don’t I do this with all my grandkids more often?

Then I answered….I WILL!!!


We have one chance to raise our children.  What a big responsibility it is to teach them right.

-Have I been a perfect Mom, example and wife??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

-Are there things I would have done different now that I look back??? ABSOLUTLEY YES!!!

-Has Jesus given me more chances ???THANKFULLY YES!!!

Until we take our last breath we have opportunities to make things better.  There have been times that I have had to start new everyday.  The key is not giving up.  Keep climbing.  Keep teaching them about Jesus and keep showing Love.


On Most Sunday’s we are blessed to have our Children, Grandchildren and at times our parents with us for dinner.  The joy I feel at seeing Miss Addelynn, Miss Eden and Mister Beckett close their hands in prayer to reference our almighty God and give thanks for our food lets me know we done something right.  Don’t ever give up on taking them to church.  Living the example and teaching them the most important things in life….

God & All his wonderful blessings!!!


Thats why…

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


2 thoughts on “Important Things

  1. Dear Cindy,
    Thank you for this. I couldn’t agree with you more. I love that you had church, and how you take time to play with your grand babies. It’s time well spent for them and for us. It’s a time to teach, and love. Sharing your heart in these posts has allowed me to see into your life, and know you so much better. Prayer allows us to bond ourselves together, while asking God for the needs of others; for instance, for our family who live too far away for fellowship. You’re a beautiful example of a Godly woman, mother, daughter, and Mamaw. God’s blessings to you and your family.

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