More of My Blessings

Good evening,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and made many good memories with your family and friends.  I had a great weekend.  I went to a wedding on Saturday that was absolutely adorable.  I have never seen a groom so excited to see his bride and when she suprised him by singing as she walked the aisle he bent over and wept.  How that makes me think of my heavenly Father and how he can’t wait for the “Bride of Christ” to come home.    This sure filled my heart with joy.  The little things make me happy and bring a smile.

In the last post I introduced you to our youngest child.  This evening I want you all to meet our middle child.  He is the sweetest 6 ft 4 inch “Teddy Bear” I know.  He has always been a loving child but the love he shows as Christ uses him brings me to joyous tears.  He hasn’t always walked as close to Christ as I see him walk now.  But the mountains and valleys he has been thru has placed his focus more on Christ and others can see it, not just his momma.


He is a welder like his dad and absolutely loves music!!! He started out as a drummer and singer when he was young but the past several years he has picked up the acoustic, electric and bass guitar and has amazed Dad and I with his God given talented abilities.  He plays and leads worship at his church and is such a blessing.


He married a beautiful girl named Jaycee a few years ago and she fits in wonderfully with our family.  They have 2 beautiful daughters (one who lives with Jesus) and an 18 month old daughter who is an absolute doll with an adorable personality.  I have her a little spoiled but I enjoy doing the spoiling.


They live about 10 minutes from us and we love getting to see them as much as we do.  I am so proud of how they are raising our sweet granddaughter to pray and know about Christ.


The loss of Aria Charlotte (Baby Charlie) several months ago has been a hard trial for these 2 but I am so thankful that they know where she is and are preparing to gather together again someday where we will never part and we will all be together forever.


They took these family photos while on vacation a few months ago with “Baby Charlies” lamb. I would appreciate you remembering them in prayer as they work to further the kingdom of God and await his second coming as we do.

I guess it’s all starting to come together as to why I feel like such a blessed woman.  I thank God daily for these 3. The Lord has been way better to me then I deserve and I am grateful for that.

Thanks so much for stopping by to meet some more of my family.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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