1 of my Blessings

Good Evening,

Seems like lately I have been so busy and I haven’t been posting as much as in the past.  I am so sorry.  My mind has been full of life and things going on around me and to be honest my body has been a bit tired.  So in the evenings when I usually find time to post I have been dosing.   Some say it’s a sign of getting older. 😦

One thing is true…God remains with me and guiding me.  I am so thankful for that!!!

The next few posts I would like to share some more of my blessings.  Blessings that are borrowed for a while down here to raise and nurture and some of the most time consuming and important blessings of my life.

You have heard a lot about me and I have talked some about my wonderful husband but it’s time for you to meet our 3 children.

Today I am going to feature our youngest son Elijah Luke Lawrence.

He is 18. A senior at Eastern High School, attends a technical school where he is majoring in “Computer Graphics” and enrolled in College.   He loves playing the Bass Guitar and Acoustic Guitar.  He loves to hike, is a survivalist, likes kayaking, spending time with his family & friends and has a great LOVE for his Country and Christ.  He has a cute little girlfriend who has been around for a while and fits in well with our family.   He is the most easy to please, teenager I know.  He is just happy with the simple things in life.  He enjoy’s spending time at home and also enjoys time on his computer.  He has brought a lot of joy and laughter into our lives.


Recently we have been busy with him.  As I have said he is a senior and we got some senior pictures taken last night.  But his future has had our mind focused quite a bit.  He has chosen to enlist in the United States Army and was sworn in last week.  He will graduate in May and leave for basic on July 3rd, 2018.  We are so Proud of his decision to defend our wonderful country and to protect the American people.  We will miss him so bad but have prayed and feel a peace about his decision.    I told him that we will be spoiling him when he gets home and of course he said “that’s the plan” lol


We have always prayed daily for our children but I have took this child’s name to the Lord more now than ever as he has tried to decide what he should do.

We don’t know the future and sometimes we don’t see a good result in things that are happening right now but through it all our sweet Lord gives us a peace that it will be alright and he is in control.  I choose to hold tight to his him and the cross.  He will keep his hand on my sweet son and bring him through everything that he will face.

If you will help me pray God’s protection over him I sure would appreciate it!!!

I will continue to post pictures of this handsome man along the way and keep you blogging friends updated on his future and his choice to defend us.


I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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5 thoughts on “1 of my Blessings

  1. Love the pictures. Eli is so handsome. I guess as his grand mother I am a little proud of the young man he has become. I’m confident that God had his eye and hands on him. Papaw and I are very proud of him.

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  2. Great pics of Eli, Cindy. We love that boy like a son. Remember the day he came home from the hospital and thinking, Wow, he’s as pretty as my babies. We will continue to keep him lifted up in prayer as the Lord guides him. Proud of him!


  3. Just looking at this blog again and thinking how handsome and where has the time gone. Love little Elijah Luke so much. Prayers for God’s hand upon him. Love you all.


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