Milk Can DIY

Good afternoon,

We have made it to Friday again.  This week sure went quick for me.   I worked some, babysat some and I enjoyed my family tremendously.  I am hoping you had a wonderful week too.

I haven’t done a DIY for awhile so I figured it was time for one.  I chose to feature my “old” milk can on this blog.   I have had this milk can for a very long time.  It looked old and rusty when I got it.  I had always had it black but wanted to add a monogram on it.  I like the monogram look.  I free handed this letter “L” which gave it a more personalized look.  I put this in the landscape in the front of my house.  I think milk cans can be used in any area of your landscaping.  They give your home a country look.

If you don’t have an old milk can start looking for one at yard sales, auctions or antique shops.  If they look rusty, you can give them a cleaning and painting and make them look new.


I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Make time for God, family & friends.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



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