Vacation Blessings

Good evening,

It’s vacation time for our family and this year we decided to head East.  We headed this way a few years ago but plan to explore new things along with some areas we have been before that make me realize how blessed I am to be an American.

Our first stop was Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.   This was an amazing stop that we hadn’t planned to visit.  I was left speechless to learn what took place in 3 short days. We really enjoyed this unexpected stop.


20170722_150959Then we went on to Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Where we visited “Hershey Chocolate World.”  You can even smell chocolate as you take the chocolate factory ride tour.  We picked up some chocolate at the enormous store along with a special suprise for our 3 grandbabies.  Of course I loved this.



 I plan to share some more pictures with you as we travel on this week. So hop aboard and go on vacation with me!

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes out of your day to spend with me.

Praying you have a wonderful week sweetened with his blessings!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,




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