Father’s Day Blessings


Good afternoon,

🎸I am hoping you are having a wonderful week.  Everyday is a blessing to us.  Since Phil’s illness about 4 years ago we try not to take any day for granted and we realize who is in control of EVERYTHING.

🎸I have been off work for a few days this week and have already enjoyed time with family.  I have been able to take care of my grand babies and do some spoiling.  I am pretty good at that. 😀 Today I took my youngest son shopping for a few things he needed.  I will say he is the easiest person to shop for.  He went to 2 stores and was finished.  Took about 1 hour.  Unlike his mom,  I can shop all day!!! We ended with a lunch at his choice “Penn Station.”  I sure enjoyed my day with him.

🎸I am thankful for the wonderful Father’s Day that we had.  All of the family and the father’s so special to me were able to gather at our house (if even for just a little while) with the exception of my sweet father who is celebrating an ongoing “day” in heaven. I figured I would show you some pictures of my precious family.


This is a quick picture I took Sunday of my wonderful husband Phil with our 3 beautiful children, Brittany, Canaan and Elijah.

Screenshot_2017-06-20-13-35-45.pngThis is our daughter Brittany and her beautiful family.  Her husband Brandon, Miss Addelynn Grayce and Mister Beckett Lee. (This is a picture taken a few months ago)


This is our handsome son Canaan and his beautifu wife Jaycee and daughter Miss Eden Rose.


This is Phil and his sweet father Bob.

🎸On Sunday I got up early and was able to fix them a scrumptious lunch.  Baked steak with country gravy, mashed potatoes, corn souffle, green beans, yeast rolls, sweet tea and a yellow cake with chocolate icing (Phil’s favorite) for dessert.   I have my grand babies spoiled and my family as well.

🎸I am so thankful for all of the fathers in my life but most grateful for my heavenly Father who walks with me daily and carries me often.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,





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