Teaching Jesus

What a wonderful privilege God has given us to Teach Jesus. Phil and I have loved teaching children from Sunday School classes to Vacation Bible Schools our entire lives. At our age I had questioned if that part of our ministry was over then the Covid Pandemic hit. When New Years Day 2020 arrived I had told Phil this year will give us 2020 vision. Wow did it!!! In so many areas of our lives. God knew what we would be going through and where we needed to be. He always know what he is doing. Just sometimes hard to take our hands off his guidance. We started having Bible studies at our home with our family during the Pandemic and started putting videos on Facebook. This was able to reach many who couldn’t attend church.

We continue to do a grand-babies, their mommies (since daddies work) and Grandma Rudd Bible Study every Wednesday evening. This keeps us busy but is so rewarding.

And God is Blessing us with another Grandbaby to teach and love in September. 🙌🙏🧑‍🍼❤️👩‍🍼🙏🙌

During this Pandemic time God also moved us to a church here in Lake Waynoka, where we live, to help the chapel with the Music. God then opened doors for us (Phil, Brittany & myself) to start a Youth Ministry on Thursday evenings 6:30 – 7:30 pm. This has grown to an attendance that easily reaches the teens and 20’s weekly. 🙌🙌🙌.

A few weeks ago we started a teaching at the chapel called “Candy Valley Adventures” This focuses on Bible stories with the “Willy Wonka Theme”. The lessons have been focused on Jesus’ Ministry. The youth have enjoyed it and I have been loving preparing each week. As you have seen in the past I love themed decorating. I wanted to share some of the last couple of weeks.

We start the lesson off each evening with a Puppet Show. Phil is “Billy (Philly) Bonka”

They received their Golden Ticket to enter the first night.

The next week they had to crawl threw an obstacle course to enter Rock Candy Forest
When they reached the Candy Rocker (Brittany) they gave a high “5” and got a Rock Candy sucker.

This last Thursday we spent one last night at Rock Candy Forest and had a campfire while we learned about how Jesus fed thousands with a sack lunch.

We had a sack lunch too!

This week we enter Lemon Drop Mountain. Follow our Chapel on Facebook at Lake Waynoka Chapel to watch our services and see the pictures from our Youth Activities.

I want to encourage you today. If you feel God doesn’t have work for you to do. Pray and trust his guidance. He is always willing to use you if you want to be used. Look what he has done for me.

It can be tiring and it can be overwhelming at times but the Rewards we receive for doing what God wants us to are the Greatest!!!

I’m so undeserving but oh so thankful,

I am definitely,

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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