More Blessed

Good evening,

We were able to get out and enjoy this beautiful day in our neck of the woods. Snow flurries 2 days ago and mid 50s and sunny today. Yes, we definitely live in Ohio.

Phil hasn’t felt well all week but thankfully was able to get out for a little bit today. We grabbed a bite to eat at one of our new favorites restaurants in Oakley/ Norwood.

The Ford’s Garage. This place is awesome. With Model T’s on conveyer belts on the ceiling to old gas station looking restrooms. The handles to get into the place are gas nozzles and the bell rings inside the restaurant every time someone drives in front of the gas pumps.

They even serve the onion rings on an old metal funnel. They taste amazing!

Phil and I enjoy our date days so much.

We had an amazingly blessed day and these “2” people who were already blessed…

Are gonna be more blessed this year. We have been praying and God has Answered Prayers for us again. 🙌🙌🙌

GrandBaby number 7 is on the way. Canaan and Jaycee made the announcement on Facebook last night so I am allowed to tell everyone.

We will definitely be happy to “adore” another grandbaby.

Stay tuned for more pictures of our blessed life.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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