I Love Christmas

Good morning friends,

You all know I Love Christmas. Not for the gifts because I really enjoy the giving way more than the receiving. I love the preparations and activities before Christmas. The decorating, the shows, the time with family. The anticipation in the children’s eyes and preparing for the big day!

Our family usually takes a trip to Tennessee before Christmas but this year we decided to stay home and do some things close to home that we have never done before. Today in my blog I want to share some activities that we have already enjoyed while making some wonderful memories. ❤️🎄

A few weeks back Phil & I took our parents to see “Lights Under Louisville,” a lighted cave that you drive through. We enjoyed our day with them so much. We listened to Christmas music as we drove and talked about wonderful memories our families have had through the years. God even sent us some snow. ❄️ It was an absolute beautiful day with beautiful people.

We stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel on the way.

Of course I ❤️ that they included the Nativity
They even had a tank which is special because our son Elijah is a tank commander

The next day we had our immediate family Thanksgiving. What a blessing to have the family that I have. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and finished it off with Christmas Carol charades, Name that Christmas tune and musical chairs.

“Great” & Addelynn
Eden, Beckett, Israel & Nova 🦃
These kids love the Nutcracker
🦃 My family (-Eli & Claire) ❤️🙌

Charade time
We had so much fun
The grand babies loved musical chairs ❤️🙌

We have never been to “The Christmas Ranch” in Morrow Ohio. This seems unreal because I lived within 5 mile of this property for years. We decided to put that in our Christmas plans this year.

The kids loved it 🎄
They had one of the most beautiful nativity scenes, Closest nativity to “Rudd’s Christmas Farm” that I have ever seen.
Brought a tear to this “Rudd Girls” eye. 😭🎄
The live sheep to the right of the nativity was beautiful. 🐑
They even had a place for us to grab some hot cocoa, coffee and sweet snack.

Make memories with your family or spouse this year. You won’t regret it. Make hot cocoa and take a ride in the car looking at the Christmas lights with Christmas music playing on the radio. Sing those beautiful carols with your family. (Shoot I have even been dancing with Phil this year to that beautiful Christmas music.) Make those memories that last a lifetime.

As you can see we are already enjoying this Christmas season. God has blessed me with my wonderful family to make such awesome memories with and I thank him daily for that. 🙌🙌🙌

I am truly…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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