Love & Marriage

Good Morning,

I can’t believe it is February.  “The Love month.”  For many people this month is hard.  Maybe you don’t have a true love to call your own.  This may be due to death, divorce, not found a love yet or a recent break up.  It may also be hard if you are in a bad relationship or marriage.

It is hard for me to relate to each of you who are going thru this.  I am so thankful for the marriage I have and the one I share it with.  I will say the first few years of our marriage wasn’t easy but I will share the reason why it is awesome now.

When we first started dating I only looked at the good things and would focus on them.   He was awesome. Always in a good mood and bringing flowers not to mention the flattering compliments he would give me.    We went on dates all the time and money didn’t seem to be an object.  These were wonderful times.


After marriage we realized that money is a problem, the compliments come less often and flowers may come yearly.  You start seeing only what they do wrong and focus on that.  This is the part that was hard for us.  Things the other one did got on our nerves and learning to live with them was a struggle.  It took us only a few weeks to realize neither one of us was perfect and it took a few years to realize we need to forget the bad and focus on the good.  This is one technique that can make or break a marriage.

Do we still do things that drive the other one crazy?  Yes.    Daily?…No.

If you knew something you did for your boss made them aggravated or upset would you keep doing it?  NO.  If you did you wouldn’t have a job very long.

Would you do repetitive things to your best friend that made them mad?   No.   Or they wouldn’t be your best friend anymore.       So then…

Why would you treat your spouse that way?  Your spouse should be your best friend.  The one you can confide in. The one who knows you more than any other besides your creator.

If you want your marriage to work go back to some of the habits you had when you were dating.  Give compliments. Leave notes.  Send or pick flowers.  Cook together.  Look at the good.  There is good in EVERYONE!

God made us… so we are wonderfully made.


My dad always told me to look for good in people and you would find it.  This is one of the best lessons ever!

Is everyone easy to Love? ..No but with God’s love inside of us we can love them.

So start today, whether married, divorced, widowed or single…start looking for the good in others.  You will be able to find friendships, spouses and love for others that will make your days a lot brighter and your walk with Christ stronger.

We love because He first loved us.   (Even when we were unlovable)

I sure give thanks to God for loving me in the good times and the bad.

Start Loving Today.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,








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