I Have Good News

Good evening,

We are living in troublesome times.  Times in which nuclear weapons are a daily threat.  Times when Hurricanes are leaving massive destruction. Times in which fires are destroying everything in their paths.  For a Christian we feel we are living in the “End Times.”  Exciting and expecting times.  Not exciting because people are having a rough time but because the place we have been longing to see for a long time is in clearer view than ever before.  Our minds can’t even fathom the glory that awaits us.  No pain, no sickness, no death, no drugs, no fighting and no sorrow.  I can’t imagine a place like this,but by the word of God I am expecting to see it some day and it may be very soon.

I rarely watch the news anymore because 99% of it is bad and troubling to the point of depressing.  Satan has used the TV as a tool to get into our minds and keep our focus off the good things and on the bad.


Good things are happening…

Jesus Still Saves

***3 people were saved at a church in seaman last Sunday and 2 more were saved at a camp meeting last night.

Jesus Still Heals

***a man was taken in for surgery to remove a lot of tumors and when opened, to the doctors suprise, found NONE!!!

People Still Love

***Thousand of people are taking time out of their busy schedules to take food, clothes and boats to Texas to help the hurricane victims.

People Still Care

***Someone on Facebook was needing someone to give their father a ride out of Southern Florida before hurricane Irma hit and a complete stranger offered to help him come north.

***Another person in Florida allowed a needy family to purchase the last generator in the store to someone who was crying because they didn’t have one left to purchase for a family member who required oxygen.

Good things.   Have you heard any lately that you want to share?

One that reigns supreme to all is this…

Jesus remains in control of EVERYTHING!!!


I hope you enjoy this song by Karen Peck and New River.


“Good Things Are Happening”

Let’s join together in prayer for all the victims in the paths of these tragic situations.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,











because they needed a generated for their family members oxygen so they could purchase it-




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