Blessed Tips

Good afternoon,

What a beautiful day today as I sit here listening to the birds sing and hear the neighbors mow their yards.  What a blessing to be able to have the senses that allow me to enjoy his wonderful creation.

I got to spend this day with my husband.  We took the day off and went to Old Milford and walked thru the shops and grabbed some lunch there.  It felt a bit like vacation.  We enjoyed it so much!!!


Today I wanted to share a tip that I found a long time ago that has helped me a lot.  I love using the fragrance warmers in my home.  It is safer than candles and give an awesome smell but cleaning them is a huge pain.  I have spilled wax on everything trying to unplug and move them to pour them out so i can place a new scent in them.  I hated this chore until I started using this tip…


While they are still melted take 2 or 3 cotton balls and place into the warmer and they will absorb all of the wax. Throw the cotton balls away and replace your new scented wax.  This is so easy and not messy at all.  I like easy and I love no mess!


Of course you all know that I love my Southern Gospel music.  I always listen to it while getting dressed in the morning and also as I fall asleep.  I heard a song this week that spoke to my heart.  It’s called “Bloodline” and the words are amazing.  I have walked thru some pretty rough times in the past several months but am thankful for Christ’s blood that saved me a long time ago.   If you have Christ’s blood applied to your life Satan is a loser.  I pray that you get uplifted by this song as I have this week.

Click the link below to listen

to the song:

Praying for Christ to hug you close as you walk thru life this week and that you’ll be blessed.


I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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