🎄The Christmas Feeling🎄

🎄❤️🎄As most of you know I am Christmas crazy. Some people who know me well and know my roots know why. The ones who don’t could never fathom why?

I was blessed to be born to wonderful parents who gave up all they had to share with others the life of Jesus. Jesus’s life from the birth to the ascension. They did this every Christmas for 30 years in a small town in southern Ohio called Blue Creek. This display attracted thousands of people every year and left some of the best memories anyone could have, especially for me!!!

Our family will be having a walk down memory Lane on November 29th from 6-9 pm at the Adams County Christian School in West Union, Ohio.

Last Sunday some of our family took a trip to the old home place and walked the hill and the many areas people walked.

What a blessing that was. I snapped a few pictures to share that evening.

We have been busy preparing this wonderful night. We have been going to moms and gathering pictures, signature books, comments ,prayer requests and lots of memories to share with all of you. We have laughed, teared up a little and felt some of the same feelings we use to feel during nights at the farm with all of you.

We will have a few decorations that were seen in Blue creek. Videos to watch while you eat some old fashioned peanuts and sip on Hot Chocolate all while singing some Christmas carols.

I have shared this on Facebook and as of this morning it has been shared over 125 times. I have sent it to almost 40 churches including 2 radio stations.

We don’t even know how many people to expect that evening.

But some things we do expect are…

  • The presence of Jesus
  • Stories that will warm your heart
  • Stories that will make you laugh
  • A wonderful evening with family & friends
  • A Rudd’s Christmas Farm evening with The Rudd Family that will be in your mind for a long time.
  • A start to a wonderful Christmas season

Come out and be with us.

🎄❤️🎄Christmas isn’t all about the gifts.

🎄❤️🎄It is all about “THE GIFT.”

🎄❤️🎄Christmas is what we make it.

🎄❤️🎄Christmas is in the heart.

I am…

Christmas Blessed Beyond Measures,


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3 thoughts on “🎄The Christmas Feeling🎄

  1. Thank you for sharing this Cindy. I wish I could be with you that evening. But for now I will have to be happy to see your pictures and wait for your next post. Also, I’m praying you all have a great turnout. 🎄


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