The Love Month ❤️

The definition of love is…

An intense feeling of deep affection for someone or something.

1. Who do you Love?

2. Where do you need to show more Love?

3. Do you deserve Love?

4. Who is your #1 Love?

These are questions that come to my mind when I think of Love. ❤️

The answers for everyone reading this should be different. I am hoping question number 4 is the same for all of us…Jesus!!!

If you are truly in love with someone you want to spend more time with them. You always want to be together and when you are apart you feel like something is missing. That’s the way we should be with our spouse, our family and especially Jesus. We should want to spend more time with him everyday. We can do that by reading his word and praying daily. He wants our heart to love him more than anything in this world and he died for that to happen.

We are so undeserving of his love but if we choose to put him first in our life our love for others will show more and more everyday. Putting others first and us last will come natural. We could never show unconditional love as he does. We are human which means things people have done to us is so hard to forget. We may not see people for months or years but just as soon as you see them the devil puts in our minds how they treated us or what they did to us. Aren’t you glad he forgets our failures and shortcomings once we ask him to forgive us of them? That’s true LOVE ❤️

If you haven’t been showing Love to your spouse, family, co workers or Jesus. Let today be the start of a rewarding part of your life. Love is the greatest thing given to us by a God who gave his best.

I love a lot of things…

I love Jesus, my wonderful husband, my awesome family, my job and so many other things in my life. I even love to Blog but most importantly I want to help you all by sharing Love to all who read this.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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