Good Evening,

It definitely has the feeling of fall in the air.  I love the colors of the leaves. 🍁  Campfires, 🔥 the smell of pumpkins, not to mention pumpkin spiced coffee 😍

Living in Ohio allows for us to enjoy all 4 seasons and there is something about each season that I love.  Probably because I know the creator.  When you get a true relationship with him you tend to look at the beauty in all things.

In this blog I wanted to encourage you all to pray more.   You may think I already pray for my meals, when I go to bed etc.   These times of prayer are awesome but I feel keeping a prayerful heart all day helps when a need arises or someone needs pray in an instant.

It seems that when things are going smooth another trial is just ahead.   Why is it that in the good times we tend to get relaxed in our walk with Christ?  Not that we still don’t talk with him and read his word but it seems we are lax in our need of him.   I feel he knows when we are getting a little self confident because pretty soon something knocks the props out from under us and we realize just how “out of control” we are and that he has control of all things…


The 2 things needed to survive this life.

This week we faced just that.   We were faced with a medical need that only God could control.

Thursday was a day I had been looking forward to.   Our son Canaan and his wife Jaycee were going to the doctor for an ultrasound of our grandson Israel who is expecting to arrive in late November.   I was off work so this day was Miss Eden and Memaws day for breakfast, shopping and an afternoon trip with all the grandkids to the fair.

We started with breakfast at “Frisch’s” and Pancakes.   Which were yummy.


We left there and I took her to “Jungle Jim’s” where she loved all the decorations and the animals.


Then on to shop at one of my favorite stores “Marshall’s” to get her an outfit.   Never in a million years dreaming that Canaan would be calling his dad in a panic because the Babies heartbeat wasn’t right and they were admitting Jaycee to Labor & delivery.  (This is the son and wife who lost our beautiful granddaughter Baby Charlie at 24 weeks.  She lived around 8 hours after delivery).

It’s in these times you stop what you are doing grab hold of who is there and pray.   Not just pray but PRAY!!!  That’s what Memaw and Miss Eden did.  We grabbed hands and prayed for Baby Israel and mommy right there.  I didn’t care who was watching or listening.  I only knew we were out of control and God had the authority to cause anything to happen.

I won’t go into every detail but Thankfully God hears our prayers.  After more testing Baby Israel is doing fine.  His heartbeat is not what it should be, but  I am still praying and trusting for a complete miracle which I know God is able to preform.  One day at a time allows him more time to grow in the warmth and comfort of his sweet mommy’s belly.

It’s in these times that we are glad we have a relationship with the creator who can hear and answer the prayers of a child as well as a Memaw.

We finished our day at the fair as anticipated because Eden woke up saying today she gets to ride a horse and Canaan & Jaycee didn’t want Eden disappointed.  What a joy to watch the grand babies enjoy sweet things in our lives from a baby duckling, to a fair ride and to a newborn calf.   They loved it all and I loved taking them.

Stay prayed up for you never know what bump in the road will knock you down.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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  1. Lots of prayers. Let me know if you need anything. Love you guys

    *From:* Blessed Beyond Measures *Sent:* Wednesday, October 3, 2018 10:09 PM *To:* *Subject:* [New post] Stay PRAYED Up

    nursecindy5 posted: “Good Evening, It definitely has the feeling of fall in the air. I love the colors of the leaves. [image: 🍁] Campfires, [image: 🔥] the smell of pumpkins, not to mention pumpkin spiced coffee [image: 😍]Living in Ohio allows for us to enjoy all 4 seasons and there is something ab”


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