Vacation Blessings #2


Good Evening,

We are still on our voyage.   Jump aboard and check out what we have done.  We have gotten to see a lot of places and beautiful things.

We made a stop on Sunday in Philedelphia, PA.  We were able to see were our Constitution was first signed. “Christ Church” where some of America’s fore farthers attended church, a place called Elfreth Alley (a community that has kept the homes and street as they were in the 1700s and 1800s) and the Liberty Bell.


The “Liberty Bell”- Sunday 7-23-2007


The Beautiful “Elfreth Alley”

Then traveled thru the rainy weather and arrived in Washington D.C. were it has been beautiful for 2 days.

On Monday we went to Mount Vernon (the home of George Washington) and Arlington Cemetery.  We were amazed at how large Washington’s Estate was.  Then to Arlington for the humbling experience of seeing all the Graves and the changing of the Guards.  So touching!!!


Today was another special day when we got to take a tour of the White House.   To see it is awesome but then to have the privilege to tour it makes it even more amazing.  I loved this!!!

What a wonderful blessing to spend time with my family while enjoying the History of our country.   We have had a lot of fun and still have a few more days to go.

Keep tagging along with us on our trip. We plan to see a lot more if God allows.

There are a lot of different views on this country today.   I don’t watch a lot of news due to all of the negativity but I do pray for our country and leaders.  It is definite that we can’t change everything so I choose to cling closely to Christ and do my part where I am planted.  I plan to continue smiling and reach who I can for my Saviour. Starting with my family & friends.


May we never forget where we came from as a nation and may I never forget were I came from since I became a Christian.

Prayers for you my blogging friends.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


4 thoughts on “Vacation Blessings #2

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time. Loved the pic of Elfreth Alley. You’ll have to tell Emily all about the White House since it wasn’t open when we went in Feb. Be safe!!


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